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 BlaZE's app

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PostSubject: BlaZE's app   BlaZE's app Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 2:30 am

Real Name: Ario
inGame name: BlaZE
age: 15
mic: yes
games: Bf2, COD4
fav game type: any
why i want 2 join: saw a couple of u guys played and gt interested, besides u guys gt an awesome website
why should i get accepted: cuz im a experienced team player and commited to the clan
Previous clan and reason for leaving: ASF (, cuz left the country
what skills can i add into the team: good tactician, fine with any kits/weapons
BF2 stats :

COD4 stats: dunno hw to take the screenie
Lvl 55
XP: 125490
Score: 53288
kill streak: 19
kills: 5333
deaths: 3421
headshots: 602
time played: 1d 4h 12min
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PostSubject: Re: BlaZE's app   BlaZE's app Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 2:48 am

Thats sweet bro
Spoke to the others, you are what we are looking for. - You are in Very Happy
Please put your tags on in game, add me and the others to xifre and signup for the cg ladder Very Happy
I will also add u to the members area
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BlaZE's app
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