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 Renegade app

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PostSubject: Renegade app   Renegade app Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 12:13 pm

Real name: Benn Grieves
Alias, ingame name: Renegade
Age: 18
Do you have a mic? yes
What games do you play? cod4 lol quit everything else
What game types do you most like? (s&d, titon) s&d
Why do you want to join? im interested in participating in team efforts and having a laugh making some m8's in process
Why should we accept you? im a quick learner willing to commit 100% to clan
Previous clans and reason for leaving? none was going to join whc a while back with a friend but he quit so didnt bother
What skills can you add to the team (eg. good medic/sniper)? pretty good with ranged weapons like my M16A4
Bf2 - 2142 Please post post links for your stats - dont play the game ..
COD4 please post a screen shot of your stats. -

cheers for you time -Rene
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Renegade app
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