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 few good commands

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few good commands Empty
PostSubject: few good commands   few good commands Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 4:33 pm

told you guys bout the

/cg_fov 65-80 range

i prefer 80

heres another good one
Quote :
Some folks have complained that sometimes all the icons on-screen during objective-type matches (ie. Defend, HQ, BOMB, etc) get in the way of the action.

Someone at the forums found the commands to make these icons smaller on your screen.

- Open up your config_mp.cfg file.

- Add the following:
seta waypointiconheight "15"
seta waypointiconwidth "15"

(you can change the "15" to different numbers, depending on the size you can even reduce them down to zero and go by your mini-map alone.)

- Save and exit.

also to disable that annoying ingame music

go into your cod4 directory, find the "miles" folder and rename to "nomiles" or whatever
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few good commands
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