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PostSubject: hAizEL's App   hAizEL's App Icon_minitimeSat May 24, 2008 12:27 pm

Real name: Haizel Rosli
Alias, ingame name: hAizEL
Age: 15
Do you have a mic? yes
What games do you play? COD4
What game types do you most like? S&D!, TDM
Why do you want to join? I think im good enough to join & i know you guys are good.
Why should we accept you? I think im skilled enough to be able to join you guys.
Previous clans and reason for leaving? I got none.
What skills can you add to the team (eg. good medic/sniper)? I'm more of an assault/sniper type of player. Im also good at manual shotty.
COD4 please post a screen shot of your stats.
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hAizEL's App
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