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 Scrim agianst DC

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Scrim agianst DC Empty
PostSubject: Scrim agianst DC   Scrim agianst DC Icon_minitimeSun May 25, 2008 6:07 am

Hey guys we got a scrim against DC tonight 8pm as a lead up into tomorrows ladder match ,preferably teh core team pls but if you can't make it then we will use b team players so if you guys could also be on stand by thx

If we win tomorrows ladder match will be sitting in 26 postion and will be able to make one more challenge before the ladder closes for the finals.We won't be able to make the finals but with a bit of luck we should hope to get into the top 20 which is a really good effort seeings we started late in the season.

Well done so far guys for our first cod4 ladder and good luck tommorrow Very Happy
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Scrim agianst DC
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