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 aXs/ARi vs *{PotW}* New School Ladder Match (LOSS)

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PostSubject: aXs/ARi vs *{PotW}* New School Ladder Match (LOSS)   Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:02 am

Reason for loss:
One Player dropped
Played a few rounds with only 4
Map we are not used too
They were the better team.
Axios is now out of the New School Gamer Comp..

A lot of clans are forgetting about this ladder and they really can't be assed.
Good new for us, lets keep up the winning and we may just get in the final.
We have PotW this week, NZR next week, then we are in the semis!!
but.... the prize is only a case NOT a computer Sad
Details for round 2 are as follows
Description: Australian Royal Infantry vs Punishers of the Weak
Date and Time: Thursday the 12/6 at 8:00 pm AEST.
Server address:
Password: Will be made available day of match by clicking on your scorecard
The following server settings were selected:
Game Type: search & destro
Map: mp_vacant
24 round limit
7 sec plant time, 60 sec bomb timer, 10 sec defuse
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PostSubject: Re: aXs/ARi vs *{PotW}* New School Ladder Match (LOSS)   Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:26 pm

Sorry about last night guys. My net had a total spazz and i was unable to get back onto the internet etc. Loss on my shoulders ><

I'm 100% certain though that I have fixed the problem which occurred and it wont happen again!
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aXs/ARi vs *{PotW}* New School Ladder Match (LOSS)
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