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 John smith for ARI

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PostSubject: John smith for ARI   John smith for ARI Icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2008 12:25 am

Your application should look like this

Real name: John Smith
Alias, ingame name: JohnyOwnsU
Age: 20
Do you have a mic? yes
What games do you play? COD4, 2142 and age of empires!!
What game types do you most like? (s&d, titon) i like TDM cos I like killing people
Why do you want to join? Cos i own and you guys own
Why should we accept you?Cos i own
Previous clans and reason for leaving?none
What skills can you add to the team (eg. good medic/sniper)? Tech awesome with mp5
Bf2 - 2142 Please post post links for your stats
COD4 please post a screen shot of your stats.

John smith for ARI
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John smith for ARI
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